There are many equipments for electronic, electric and physical experiments. Breadboard and project power board make it easy to set up the circuit with simple components. The electrical training system, analogue training system, digital training system are good platforms for electrical experiments, especially with the optional circuit board. Rheostat and single-phase/three-phase load are suitable for the electric experiments. The decade box (resistor box, capacitor box and inductor box) and matrix box are suitable for electronic experiments. Solenoid and Helmholtz coils can be used for generating a magnet field. Teslameter can be used for testing the strength of the magnetic field. Wheatstome bridge, Kelvin bridge and potentiometer are useful for testing the small value resistor. Safety modular transformer kit is useful for studying the theory of the transformer. Spectrum power supply and lamps are used to generate different wavelengths of light for the optical experiments. An ultrasonic waves experiment system can be used to testing the speed of ultrasonic. Free electron beans experiments can be used to verify the deflection of the electrons in the electron field and magnetic field, and the specific change of an electron can also be estimated with these experiments. MSC series, F1 series and F3 series have different proposals for different occasions. Solar power generation and wind power generation are the new reproducible energy. Training bench can carry various instruments or power units for different proposals. The educational house can inspire the interest of the students.